San Diego, CA

Jody Smith

Pre-Approval Expert
NMLS #632656



Although a good portion of her career has been spent in processing and underwriting, Jody has been flourishing as a Pre-Approval Expert with the Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Team.  She started in this industry in 2000 and was fortunate enough to meet Sam and Bill early on, working with the two prior to our team being formed.  In 2007, she made the tough decision to change her career path, entered beauty school, and became a licensed hairstylist. She missed the fast pace of mortgage, though, and found herself back working in the industry after a few years.  When Sam and Bill asked her to be a part of the team in 2014, she jumped at the chance to work with them again, and as Jody puts it: “It was extremely fitting for me to come back.” We are so glad she did!

Jody is a San Diego native who travels often, especially to the Caribbean. She also enjoys volunteering at the local animal shelter in her spare time to give back to the community. She loves cats, Mexican food, and exploring new places.  On weekends, she can be found at the beach or on the patio of a local restaurant with a drink in hand enjoying the great weather & spending time with friends.

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