San Diego, CA

John Heffron

Mortgage Expert
NMLS #1542713



John is our charismatic and dedicated family man born and raised in Indiana. He is one of six siblings and grew up spending his summers and winters near Lake Michigan in a town called Long Beach. After 22 years of raising his family in the New York City area, John and his wife Karin packed up, headed straight to San Diego and never looked back– so starts the new adventure!

While John has deep roots on the East Coast, we are thrilled that he chose California and even more so that fate brought him to our door. Just don’t ask him who his favorite baseball team is…that’s, unfortunately, one loyalty that we might never win!

Gaylord-Hansen Role

Since John is on the front line with the homebuyer, he always remains committed to making the process as simple and transparent as possible. Having experience as a buyer and a seller in over five states, John understands how impactful each home loan can be, and without fail, he approaches every step down the line with true composure and care. 

Throw John whatever curveball, slider, or cutter have, and we can guarantee he’ll hit it out of the park each time.