San Diego, CA

Mark Feldman

Loan Officer
NMLS #351471
CMA Certified Mortgage Advisor™
Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP™)



Mark is a true testament to the East Coast stigma: ambitious, dedicated, and driven. Growing up in Freeport, NY, some of his favorite memories involve visiting the Hamptons for summer entertainment. Today, he spends his leisure time playing golf as well as traveling with my wife and friends.

Back in 1990, he started two new San Diego businesses: a real estate company and a mortgage company. With the two in tandem, he was able to assist his clients by providing the best service, all under one roof. How’s that for ambition?

Now, we are lucky to call him part of the Gaylord-Hansen Team!

Gaylord-Hansen Role

As the team’s most experienced Mortgage Expert, Mark spends the majority of his time analyzing his client’s financial situation in order to find the best solution for their needs. He takes pride in having the knowledge to minimize debt obligations and affect his client’s finances in a positive manner. 

Mark’s golden mortgage rule: “Listen, evaluate, and do for the client what you would do for yourself and family.” Applying this mantra to each and every one of his applicants has made – and kept – Mark successful for the last 30+ years.