Our mission is simple.
We want to GIVE!

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Generosity in action Inspire by example • Volunteer with passion • Enrichment of lives

Since 2012, our team has focused on enriching the lives of others by getting involved in our local community. It all started with a small nonprofit called the Gaylord-Hansen Shoe Foundation, where the main goal was to give back to San Diego school kids through an annual New Shoe Event.

We’ve only grown from there! In 2019, the Gaylord-Hansen Community Foundation was born, expanding our programs to support more people through a variety of causes and events.

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Our Programs

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Gaylord-Hansen Shoes

Our New Shoe Event provides a pair of shoes, t-shirt, super cool socks, and bag to elementary-aged school kids. Learn more about Gaylord-Hansen's longest running initiative and the volunteer work that inspired it all!

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Youth & Young Adult

Join us as we set out to inspire & empower our AWESOME youth & young adults by providing them with the support and resources they need to grow up confident and driven to make a positive impact in the community!

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Troops - Veterans - First Responders

Join our mission to provide support and serve our military, police, firefighters, and EMT who selflessly put their lives on the line to ensure the safety and well-being of our country and local communities.

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Community Cleanup

We believe one of the best ways to strengthen our community is by coming together to give it some much needed TLC!  Join us in our efforts to celebrate and beautify our community by reducing garbage, creating a sustainable lifestyle, and preserving the environment.

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Kindness in the Community

Kindness makes us happy, and happiness makes us kind. Join us on our mission to pay it forward and create a ripple of kindness in our community!

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To learn more about our efforts and upcoming events, visit ghcommunity.org.