February 9, 2024
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February 9, 2024

Real Estate Is a Long-Term Investment!

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It was status quo this week with rates. While the Mortgage News Daily rate went above 7% on Monday, we did dip below that number as of today on Friday.

There were no market-moving reports this week, as Wall Street is still trying to digest the Fed comments from last week.

The Fed is still holding onto their "we're not fully convinced' viewpoint that inflation is fully under control despite clear signs significant progress has been made.

Right now, the consensus among Wall Street traders is the Fed won't cut the Fed funds rate until at least May 1st and maybe not until June.

That said, we're likely to see interest rates go sideways with little improvement up or down until that time. This may give some prospective homebuyers a little bit more time to jump into the market before rates drop and more buyers come in.

The Fannie Mae Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HBSI) came out showing 83% of consumers do not think it's a good time to buy. When nobody wants to buy is when you can generally get more bang for your buck!

Those 83% who don't buy now will say that the 17% who do are lucky they bought when they did. Don't be on that 83% side! Get into the 17%!

The other thing is real estate is long term, and buyers can be very myopic, focusing just on the here and now. "What am I paying now?"

Our friends at MBS Highway went back to 1942 to see if home values went up 10 years after the initial purchase. Guess what? There was only 1 year that real estate did not go up in value over a 10-year period.

The average 10-year return: 63%. Make sure to look at the long-term picture!

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Real Estate Is a Long-Term Investment!
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