San Diego, CA

Garrett Tyler

Mortgage Expert
NMLS #1380420



Garrett graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a double major in Business Finance and Business Operations Management. He was offered a full-time position within the mortgage industry and was set on relocating to Chicago — until Sam Hansen intervened.

After his meeting with Sam, Garrett decided to join the Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Team and says he made the absolute right decision. “We have so much fun, and we work so hard,” he says. “The number of things I’ve learned here by far surpasses what I could have learned anywhere else.” 

The single most important thing to Garrett is his family. “I am a huge family man, and nothing makes me happier than when I am with them,” he says. He particularly loves their annual snowboarding trips to the mountains.

Gaylord-Hansen Role

Garrett has grown tremendously from a newbie in the mortgage industry to our team sales manager in four short years. In addition to supporting our team members, Garrett is also the first point of contact to pre-approve, educate, and advise clients.

Garrett’s challenge-oriented nature and competitiveness allows him to find the best possible solution for clients. “In any tough situation, I can and will find a way to make things better,” he says. “No loan is the same, and being able to diagnose what a client needs and find a solution for them is a great feeling.” 

While he is driven by a need to succeed, Garrett is also a team player who says leading our team motivates him to do the best possible job. “Every day I am excited to come to work because of the team we have,” he says. “The American Dream is to have home ownership and we get to help people achieve that every day.”

Garrett also relishes in his role on Lifestyles San Diego, finding fun new places to spend time around the city. Tune in to Fox5 on Sunday mornings or our YouTube Channel!