San Diego, CA

Greg Peppler

Mortgage Expert
NMLS #632838



Greg is known as “Mr. Personality”! He is a big teddy bear that brings fun and happiness to those around him. He loves kids and is a big kid himself. He and his wife, Stephanie, had their first child – a boy named Austin – in 2013, and their second – a girl named Samantha – in 2015. 

Greg is also a fierce competitor and loves getting his Michigan State Spartan friends together on the weekend to enjoy a beer and a game. In his free time, you can catch him surfing or golfing and enjoying the best of sunny California!

Gaylord-Hansen Role

Although Greg is fun loving and light-hearted, he takes his commitment to his borrowers extremely seriously. He wants to make sure they are educated, comfortable, and confident when moving through the homebuying process.

Greg’s background in finance as a savvy investor and homeowner is very beneficial in his role on the Gaylord-Hansen Team. His main role is mortgage origination, meaning he finds his clients the best loan program for their specific situation. He uses comparison tools to simplify the typically confusing mortgage jargon. He gains trust almost immediately as his honesty and integrity shine through.

Greg will be by your side as your teammate all the way to the end zone!