San Diego, CA

Suzie DeBurn

Personal Loan Manager
NMLS #1294112
CMA Certified Mortgage Advisor™
Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP™)



Suzie is always in a remarkably good mood! She has a positive sense of humor and her charismatic nature allows her to alleviate any stress that comes with obtaining a home loan. This San Diego native is fluent in Spanish and, as such, serves many of our Spanish-speaking clients.

In her free time, Suzie loves enjoying the San Diego sunshine at the park or pool with her husband, Rob, and her two adorable children, Juliana and Jake.

After working in escrow, Suzie transitioned into the mortgage industry as a receptionist and eventually worked her way up into processing. That all changed in February 2015 when she joined the Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Team!

Gaylord-Hansen Role

As a Personal Loan Manager, Suzie is the main point of contact after a loan goes into process for all parties involved — real estate agents, escrow agents and borrowers. “The most important piece of the puzzle is the borrower, and I help to guide them through the process,” she says.

Suzie’s ever-present cheery demeanor is the defining feature that makes her so good at her job. “My communication is stellar,” she says. “I want to make sure everyone knows where we are every step of the way.” She is skilled at communicating the urgency of a transaction while keeping clients calm throughout the process.

Suzie is also very active in the community events for our non-profit, GH Community.